House Parties


If you buy 30 CDs, we will deliver them, sign them and play a twenty-minute set at your place.

Please contact us to organise your House Party.

11 thoughts on “House Parties

  1. Liz Cameron

    Hi there,
    Would you do a Half Man Half Woman party in Brisbane?
    ps I love the CD (first heard it on the Daily Planet) and since buying myself one have been buying it for friends as well. In fact just gave it to a friend for her 40th birthday yesterday. Can be dodgey giving friends CDs but I’m so confident that people will like this one that I’ve thrown caution to the winds!

  2. Rob

    I cant recommend this highly enough!

    We had an awesome time with Deb and Willie doing an acoustic set in the lounge room. They were gracious and fabulous.

    I think all of our guests left as fans and many wanted more CDs!

    As it was my birthday, all of our guests ‘bought’ a CD as a present for me and funded the event, they all left with something and I had an amazing time.

    Thanks guys!


  3. Gary Bell-Bray

    Love your radio time on 774 ABC
    What a great idea to do these visits, I’ve got a small blustone church/school built in 1869, with wood floors and high celilings near Camperdown Victoria way, I can only imagine how Deborah and Willy doing acoustic would sound in this place.
    God knows the dairy farmers in this small community would love something like this to pick their spirits up.
    When the church purchased an organ back then to have music some people left and never returned.

  4. Alan Payne

    Deb and Willy,
    Are any house parties possible when you come across for the Rockwiz Shows in Perth ?
    Please please from a household of devoted fans.


  5. Peter Hajevsky

    I was hoping that you still do house parties. Since I learnt that you did this, I have been storing the idea away for my wife’s 49+1 birthday. Until recently we have never had the appropriate house to hold a house party.
    So now that we have a venue and a special birthday to celebrate all I need is a special guest or 2.
    If you still do house parties and are free any weekend in September or October, and you would love to visit Toronto, the hub of The Hunter, please call me or email .
    If you don’t do house parties are you coming to Newcastle in the near future.
    Thanks Peter

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