One thought on “Lying Next To You Chords

  1. sam waters

    Hi All,

    I am writing to ask a question and also permission…….

    i saw Deborah and Willy play recently at the Milton theater SW NSW a few months ago, great concert !

    Well the deal is im getting married in October and the plan is i want to sing one of your songs to “my wife to be” Tara. The song is “Lying Next To You”. My good friend Willi Hona (from the band the Herbs) will be on guitar and myself singing, hope i can do it justice, a few stubbys for courage and i reckon shell be right.

    What i was hoping for is a copy of just the music without the lyrics, i work at sea on a boat, and this is where i practice, (at night, so the boys dont throw me over the side… A track emailed to me with just the music will help me out a lot if its possible.

    Thanks for your trouble and look forward to hearing from you

    Cheers Sam

    ps-and do you mind if i sing, or try to sing “Lying Next To You””, thats the permission part of the question

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