String of Pearls Chords

These chords are probably right but could just as easily be wrong.

Intro:D, hammering onto Dsus4, times 4

Verse:G C9 G D

Chorus:C D C D C D C

Middle 8:Em Em D D C C C C+Bnote Am Am G G C C D D

The C+Bnote is just the top string of the C chord (C note) and the B note.

some of this is pinched from Meeks.

One thought on “String of Pearls Chords

  1. Peter Robin Bridges

    Hi Guys,
    When are you both touring again in Brisbane?
    I know this sounds strange to you I need the lyrics to String Of Pearls and Accidents happen in the home.
    I am going to ask she who must be obeyed too commit after 17 years together she is my best friend

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