Will You Miss Me When You’re Sober Chords

by Deborah Conway

C                 G
Will you miss me, when you're sober
C                 G                          F
Will you remember me, when you're not overcome
Am                                     F
With bloodshot eyes and breath stinking of rum
Will you give me a thought
C                                                F
Well I was taught, the hard way not to fall for drunks like you
Experience has torn my brain in two
And I don't think so clearly now
etc. etc. etc. (haven't got time to do the whole thing now, but you
should get the idea).
C = x32010 OR x32033 (for something a bit different)
G = 320003 OR 320033
Am = x02210
F = xx3211 OR 133211 (barre E on first fret)

Contributed (via the Bitch List) by Robyn.

One thought on “Will You Miss Me When You’re Sober Chords

  1. tony

    Deb have so loved your music for so many years,thankyou! please try & find a way to the South Coast NSW Batemans Bay way, thanks for throwing your chords out there & not being an upitty wanker about how to spread your music . Again thankyou so much for the amount of audio pleasure you’ve given me.
    Cheers Tony

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