1996 Interview for the site

How far are we from the new album ? What can you tell us about it ?

[note : the new album was released as My Third Husband]

The album is written. By that I mean there are 20 songs to cull a record
from but I haven’t actually stopped writing and won’t until I’m in a
studio. My record company has just recently given me the green light to spend their money and as soon as I find a producer I want to work with, I will.

Willy Zygier and I have been demoing songs at home on a 16 track Mackie desk and Pro-Tools, using loops and samples in leiu of not having access to a drum kit or bass guitar. Apart from the inherant differences in the writing compared to my previous releases, this has given the songs quite a singular identity. A kind of junk yard approach. Hypnotic at it’s core but with spell breakers.

Any plans to come back to Australia ? tour elsewhere ?

Best case scenario.. Into studio in September, back in Australia in
January to tour, conveniently missing out on a harsh London winter. Back to
tour in Europe following summer. Fingers crossed.

What is your favourite pizza ? Where do you stand on the pineapple issue ?

You know I never knew there was a pineapple issue. But if it gets down
to it, I guess I’m a purist. Tomato, cheese, oregano. Commonly known as a
Margherita. Mind you it depends what time it is, I have been know to be
quite flexible.

How were Bitch Epic and String of Pearls recieved overseas ?

Unfortunately neither were released anywhere outside of Australia/New Zealand.

What is the story behind the rumoured unreleased album of dance music ?

Ah, a story of intrigue, adventure, lost opportunity, myopic opportunists
and sad little bundles of waste; time, talent and terribly large sums of
money. Virgin wanted me to make a solo album, a dance album, and the carrot
was that the 3rd Do Re Mi album, which they didn’t otherwise want to make.
I, having no driving inclination to make a solo record at that point, made
a series of bad decisions not excluding the one where I said yes in the
first place.

All in all it’s for the best though. A big learning curve about how not to
make music and a new voice rose like Pheonix from the cremated remains.

Any future plans for Ultrasound ?

Maybe if I get pregnant and Willy, Bill and Paul happen to be hanging round with nothing better to do, another album. It was a one off but never say never…

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