1998 IRC Chat

Deborah: DC & WZ Here Hello!

Mark&Co: Hi! how are you!

suz: hello πŸ™‚

Alison: Hello. Now we have to watch what we say?

Deborah: Good thanks

Mark&Co: It’s Rach typing at Mark’s – he’s here too

Mark&Co: wow! It’s getting crowded here!

Deborah: Any questions?

Mark&Co: how’s alma?

Deborah: 3 months tomorrow & drunk as a skunk

Mark&Co: yep… we were just discussing them when you arrived!

Alison: Heaps. Mark’s sister wants to know what you think of Bette Midler, and I was wondering about Whitney Houston.

Mark&Co: No, rach’s sister wants to know…

Alison: See, there it is again.

Deborah: I used to have a dog that looked like Bette- small eyes & a huge mouth

Anonymous: hey sorry i’m late

Mark&Co: sorry – should I start my comments with an r?

Mark&Co: hi felice!

Deborah: first clip

Anonymous: cool how did you know?

Mark&Co: is it dry sex or wry socks?

Deborah: neither

Mark&Co: damn! do tell πŸ™‚

Anonymous: ok i got “my third husband” playing…i’m all set!

Alison: Is it resurrect your shoes, or razor rash? I like resurrect–you know, the whole Parson’s Brass thing.

Deborah: Well actually it’s dry socks

Mark&Co: who dislikes dry socks?

Deborah: & razor rash

Alison: Oh well.

Deborah: I’m learning things too(WZ)

Mark&Co: which is your fav song of that someone else wrote to sing?

Mark&Co: (oops) typos

Alison: So the big hip thing in music here is that all the guys are now painting their nails. Will Willy be joining the bandwagon?

Deborah: Could you repeat that IN ENGLISH

Alison: Was that to Mark or me?

Mark&Co: of songs that other people wrote, which is your favourite to sing?

Deborah: I’m plucking my nails – that’s the NEXT big thing

Mark&Co: ooow!

Alison: Ouch.

Anonymous: Go Deborah!!!

Mark&Co: pink would suit willy (rach)

Deborah: Go anon, I’ve always loved your work

Mark&Co: he’s written so much and is so old

Alison: Here’s one. what do you think is the best song you’ve written?

Deborah: We went shopping today for outfits for the tour

Mark&Co: hang on – what about my question?

Alison: That was for DC, not for mark.

Mark&Co: thanks Al πŸ˜›

Deborah: Mark the best song that I’ve sung is Crazy or Goldfinger

Anonymous: so have I…esp “hansel and gretel’s mother was dead, their father was sad cos he got no more head”

Alison: What’s that from?

Deborah: Alison tough question – we like Here In My Arms at the moment but your best song is always your next song

suz: ok heres one i always wondered, that last song on your first album dedicated to your goddaughters, what was its basic essence?

Deborah: Innocence

suz: hmmmmm

Alison: Good answer. Good answer.

Mark&Co: not sex or death? (or sex)

Anonymous: that is one of my absolute fav’s

suz: it always sounded just like the experience of childbirth to me tho you hadnt had that yet πŸ™‚

Deborah: I don’t sing other peoples songs as much as I should

Alison: Is Goldfinger a DC song? I’m guessing no.

Mark&Co: good guess Al – Shirley Bassey

suz: do you like others singing yours?

Anonymous: why should you? yours are better

Alison: In response to Suz, let’s hope so, because I do it all the time.

suz: hehehe

Deborah: The idea tends to be better than the reality so far. Wendy Mathews does one of our songs on her latest

Mark&Co: which one?

Deborah: It’s called Mountains We’ve only demoed it & she changed it completely

Alison: So I’m here in the states and wanted to pass on that I’ve gotten about six friends really into your music, and think it’s awful that your stuff hasn’t been released here. Not to mention expenisive to get it, but what can you do?

Deborah: Al thank you – it must be very late there

Deborah: You should form a record co

MarkandCo: is evil homer about people you (pl) know?

Alison: AND is Pablo the last to know that Kurt Cobain is dead? Really, your stuff is awesome, and there’s so much crap here. Frustrating for me, can’t imagine being in your shoes.

Mark&Co: Nicky says hello

Deborah: Hi NP

Mark&Co: hi DC

Deborah: Nice to see you at swinburne

Anonymous: where are you at right now Deborah?

Mark&Co: and WZ (SDZ & AdeRZ)

Deborah: In my office at home

suz: phew 😐

Deborah: I saw Ani DiFranco the other day

Anonymous: who?

Alison: We heard. Was she great? I’ve been wanting to see her live.

suz: Deborah do you prefer only questions about your music?

Deborah: Ask anything but don’t expect quick answers from remedial typists

Mark&Co: I heard she was fantastic

Deborah: She’s a great guitar player & I like her big heels

Mark&Co: what outfits did you buy?

Alison: Speaking of guitar, when did you start playing? (Did you play in DRM and just not on the albums?)

Mark&Co: good question Alison;-)

suz: thanks πŸ™‚

Deborah: I didn’t pick up a guitar till I was 18

Mark&Co: and the clothes??

Deborah: I didn’t play with DRM because they wouldn’t let me

Mark&Co: why not ?(rach)

Alison: I saw Shawn Colvin last week and she’s pregnant and talked about both of her big toenails falling off. did this happen to you?

Mark&Co: Nicky thinks the toenails are a shoe problem..

suz: Ok well I was wondering what being a mother has meant to you? I know iits a big question but does it enrich your life? Has it changed a lot of your veiws ? I mean aside from all of the extra work πŸ™‚

Deborah: My toenails didn’t collapse it was my brain

Mark&Co: like the gold fish?

Deborah: It changes you completely & fundamentally

Alison: for the better?

suz: I know but did it halt you in any ways?

Deborah: There’s now someone to die for

suz: I have 2 little girls myself πŸ™‚

Deborah: It halts everything & you move to the dictates of another dictator

Alison: “there’s now someone to die for” sounds like it could be a line from the new album.

Deborah: Suz so you know

Mark&Co: so how about those outfits – anything as stunning as the red dress?

suz: well I do but i always presume its diff for others πŸ™‚

Deborah: There’s a great divide between the people who know & the people who don’t

suz: always think its easier πŸ™‚

Anonymous: heehee Mark that dress is implanted in my brain

Mark&Co: and mine (rach)

suz: but you probably have bad days too and rotten night s “:)

Deborah: You’ll have to wait & see

Mark&Co: any new material for the tour?

Deborah: We have good nights & the days are getting better all the time

Anonymous: Deborah, will you sign autographs after any shows?

suz: Im glad πŸ™‚

Deborah: New material exists & one or 2 may be played

Mark&Co: how about a photo with the melbourne bitch list after the continental show?

Alison: Have you written any songs for/about your daughters?

Mark&Co: so how many people here are on the bitch list? (And where are people from?)

suz: Deborah, were you always comfortable in your skin? as in you look so cofident in your body no matter what and that is what i like the very most about you πŸ™‚

Alison: Count me as a bitcher, live from America.

suz: Um Im from Canberra and no i guess im not πŸ™‚

Mark&Co: three bitchers here (mark, nicky and rachael) all in mebourne

meeks: Big bitcher from Melbourne

Yon: 1 bitcher here from sydney

Anonymous: huge bitch in melbourne

Mark&Co: lots of bitches…

suz: hehe

Mark&Co: deborah, having fun there>

Deborah: A few technical problems there we were chatting to Suz only

suz: well thank you kindly hehe

Alison: Thanks to DC it’s GOOD! to be a bitch!

suz: charmed im sure πŸ™‚

Deborah: Anon I’ll sign anything but how will I know it’s you?

Mark&Co: I’ve always enjoyed bitching… (r)

Deborah: Feminism has such a bad name these days, it bothers me

Anonymous: i’ll tell you….i am the butt ugly guy waving your cd cover

Alison: So did “Bitch Epic” really come about that way? the story is very believable.

Mark&Co: Has anyone heard “It’s a Girl Thing” on the radio yet?

Mark&Co: feminism is a good thing, but my armpits aren’t hairy (r)

Deborah: Bitch E came out of a hat – check yours you never know what you may find

suz: um deborah did you get my other question?

Anonymous: no mark…i heard “it’s only the beginning” on TTFM yesterday

Deborah: Yes has anyone heard Girl Thing on the radio?

Deborah: Feminism is not armpits

Mark&Co: nope – but I’ve e-mail JJJ with a request – anyone else?

meeks: deb you inspired me to write a sing, I would like to send it
to you, if thats possible

Deborah: Meeks bring it to a gig & say Hello

meeks: I’ll try

Anonymous: its not girl power is it deborah?? *ducks*

Alison: Will you be returning to London any time soon? Any shows there? It’s closer than Australia.

Mark&Co: alison, only just closer (a few thousand miles…)

Deborah: London is on the cards but nothing definite

Mark&Co: who else is listnening to DC while online?

suz: was that a “no” Deborah?

Alison: I’ll just wait. No problem.

Mark&Co: how havethe gigs been?

Deborah: Suz no

suz: oh ok I thought you couldnt see me πŸ™‚

Anonymous: me…the way you look tonight is just starting

Deborah: we’ve only just begun

Anonymous: what are you up to mark?

suz: suz1> Deborah, were you always comfortable in your skin? as in you look so cofident in

suz: real life?

Mark&Co: just sitting watching me type (r)

Alison: DC, did you write “Gold”. It’s got an 1800s Russian winter feel to it (I’ve only heard it about 5 times)

suz: I have always liked that the best about you πŸ™‚

Deborah: No i experience enormous anxiety, it’s what keeps me writing

suz: wow

suz: it never shows πŸ™‚

Deborah: Gold is by an American Peter Blegvad

Mark&Co: what really annoys you?

suz: I am so jealous of what seems so comfy in you πŸ™‚

Alison: great question mark

Mark&Co: suz, buy My third Husband, it will make you feel better! (r)

Deborah: You’d probably appear comfy to me – it’s the human condition

suz: hehehe

suz: I know πŸ™‚

suz: lol

suz: not if i was hiding under a table when you looked at me lol

Deborah: the way corporations evade tax

Mark&Co: go girl!

suz: here here!

Mark&Co: I’d like to avoid tax the way they do! (rach)

Deborah: while we support society – & governments condone it

Mark&Co: what annoys willy?

Deborah: Having to type

suz: )

Mark&Co: πŸ™‚

Anonymous: what scares you Deborah?

Deborah: spiders

suz: eeeeeeeeeek

suz: Huntsman??

Mark&Co: arachnapobia?

suz: the big hairy ones?

Mark&Co: I always thought spiders were kind of cute(r)

Alison: This isn’t really on the subject, but what’s your favorite book? (I find that to be an interesting insight into people)

Mark&Co: what about Molly Meldrum?

Deborah: & other people’s certainty

meeks: i like the little red ones

suz: i like that Deborah πŸ™‚

Deborah: Book? So many

Anonymous: you prefer people to be uncertain?

Alison: So many–fair enough.

Deborah: Mater & Margherita

Deborah: Master &….

Mark&Co: Nicky says she knows a Simon just like the one in evil homer

Alison: I was listening to “It’s all part of my education”. Do you really speak German?

suz: ever read the womans room?

Deborah: 5 German phrases

Mark&Co: hte only german I know is the stuff I had to sing (r)

Deborah: Womans Room good….all the pretty horses

Mark&Co: who do you admire?

suz: btw mark&co……I dont feel bad πŸ™‚

Deborah: Love in the time of cholera….Sabbath’s Theatre

suz: Deborah…..Pretty horses???

Mark&Co: Willy – are you stuck typing all this?

Anonymous: do you know what kind of fans you attract? as in age/gender/sexuality etc.

Mark&Co: nutters?

Deborah: Noam Chomsky Germaine Greer Woody Allen (for his way with women)

Mark&Co: who does willy admire?

Mark&Co: hmm… silence

Alison: What kind of staging/set stuff was there on the Epic Theatre tour.

Deborah: Mark I hate these questions I don’t have heros

Deborah: I did a 3 hour monologue

Mark&Co: Mark does! (rach)

Deborah: Final questions please

Alison: That would’ve been great. When was Parabasis written? I love that song.

Mark&Co: Are you likely to do anything like the epic theatre tour again?

Deborah: I wrote it for a version of Aristophanes Frogs that I performed in

suz: I dont want to ask another question I just want to say thanks for coming on here so i could be braver than i ever am when you are near πŸ™‚

Deborah: Directed by Geoffrey Rush of Shine fame

Alison: thanks for chatting. I’ll see you live some great day in the far off future.

Anonymous: i also wanna say thanx Deborah, you’re a great music maker

meeks: I’ll try and get that song to yu. it might be difficult though. thanks for chatting

Mark&Co: thanks for chatting with us nerds deborah & willy

Deborah: If I ever hit the zeitgeist again I’ll do a big show

Deborah: Bye all DCWZ

suz: bye πŸ™‚

Deborah: Thanks

Alison: cheers

Anonymous: and i’ll see you at la trobe!

suz: bye willie

meeks: bye

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