3 Love Chords

Ultrasound 1995
3 Love chords

These chords provided by Tim Hackett who said
In my opinion “3 Love” combines the writing and playing skills of
seasoned musicians with the drive and freshness of a high school
band. The parts I especially like are Willy Zygier’s
McLaughlinesque* arpeggio guitar breaks in the final
stages of the song.
“3 Love” is basically in 5/4 timing with a 3 and 2 feel, but watch
out for the occasional switch to 7/4 and 3/4. A fun song to
play along with.
*John McLaughlin, best known to
jazz-fusion buffs, is an exceptionally talented guitar player who’s
been recording music for at least three decades. Many his songs
feature formidable time signatures over which he
plays cross-timing arpeggios and blistering solos. As to this
self-indulgent piece of esoteric music trivia, I’m sure to regret it
in the morning.

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