Alive and Brilliant single (1993)

Mushroom D11569 (1993)

Alive and Brilliant CD Cover

  1. Alive and Brilliant (album version)
  2. Gold
  3. Water Flows On
  • Tracks 1 and 3 written by Conway/Zygier, 2 by Blegvad
  • 1 produced by Jim Rondinelli and William J Zygier
  • 2 recorded live at Metropolis Audio, Melbourne
  • 3 recorded at Mick Girasole’s house in Essendon, April 1992.

10 thoughts on “Alive and Brilliant single (1993)

  1. Violet de Lyon


    I used to own a cassette of this single, but someone broke into my mother’s car and stole a whole bunch of things, including this casette single. Though I have the albums, I’ve never been able to find anything with the sond “Gold” on it.

    If (or when) you bring out another greatest hits/compilation CD you should definitely include “Gold”, as I loved that song, but can’t get my hands on it, not for love nor money.


  2. Trudy

    Love to get a copy of the song Gold. Can’t seem to download it from itunes or zune or even play it on you tube. Any hints?

  3. wzdc Post author

    To all those who want a copy of Gold might we suggest that you join the Bitch List or the Facebook page & ask someone there to make an mp3 copy for you as we doubt the record company will ever make it available.

    Good luck

    Deborah & Willy

  4. Derek

    Also love that song Gold…stored somewhere in my CD archive…was that one of your compositions or a cover….rare combo of melody and lyric…do you ever play this live???

  5. KatteKrab

    If the the label won’t release it (and why should they – they don’t even exist anymore) maybe you could re-record it?

    Deborah – did you write the music and lyrics? Or are they owned by someone else?

    I came here looking for lyrics for Alive and Brilliant.

  6. Helen Macfarlane

    I scored the Single Alive and Brilliant at an op shop.
    Gold is beautiful and one song I cannot forget. The piano is gorgeous too.
    Love you guys

  7. Shannon Fraper

    Alive and brilliant ‘s chorus sounds so much like Jethro Tull’s ‘Living in the past’ that I think it needs to be credited as a re working of that tune.

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