Australia Day, 1998

Deborah and Willy peformed twice in free concerts for the faithful and lucky alike. The first show was in the Fitzroy Gardens. The weather was pretty horrible and the punters pretty thin on the ground. They started the show with a new song (sorry, didn’t catch the name of it) and then progressed through Alive and Brilliant, Here in My Arms, 2001 Ultrasound, Release Me, Today I am a Daisy, Only the Bones, and Girl Thing.
In Williamstown that evening they played again to an enthusiatic crowd at the Williamstown Festival (actually in Newport). They fired up for pretty much the same set but seemed to be enjoying it a lot more. This was certainly the show to see for the day. Syd did a good job of upstaging her parents when she danced in front of the stage and also wanted to join them.
The second show was certainly the one to see and we can only hope that they will be back for the Willy Festival in 1999.

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