Cat & Fiddle, 7 April 2000

Even before DC had sung a word a couple of drunks had started up “Get your gear off!” to which that bloke in the BORED teeshirt stood up to the microphone and asked who had said that. The fella that looks like Bill Oddie was in fine form but didn’t get to perform Exquisite Stereo which I was disappointed about. The guy with no hair and a five string bass was hidden in the shadows in the back corner of the stage but still managed to pull a few tricks, explaining after the show that his bass percussion in “Here in my Arms” is supposed to wash over you… I hope I didn’t insult him by saying it really stands out and hits you… well I like it anyway….. And the tall dude on keyboards – he rocks – if groovy was a fashionable word I would use it for him. But it’s not. So I won’t. During the few acoustic songs it was cute to see the lads at side of stage punching a few Zs although Bill Oddie was all consumed by every note.
Just trying to think if they did put in another song… did they do “Only the Bones” last night… the shows are already merging together… “Last to Know” was interesting – just the acoustic version and it was sweet – “under my skin” or “holes in the road” or “she prefers fire” or “bag of sweets” would be my choices though but we’ve already had this conversation haven’t we?
Man Overboard had the whole band involved from the first note last night. DC confirmed after the show that the lads hadn’t even heard the song before the Newcastle show so I complimented Bill Oddie on his tribal drumming and the bald guy on his slap bass – you guys in Melbourne have to make sure you get a dose.
No shirt pulling from Willy last night during IOTB… instead he had some admirers at side of stage who sang every word to him and he responded, clutching both hands to his chest which was cute (as he looked over his shoulder to see if DC was looking – lol). With the guitars so so loud in all the other songs it would be great to hear the programmed stuff just as loud during this – it pumped through us in Newcastle but not so much last night. I’m a big fan of the drum kit being included too. Yeah!!!
Oh, Eva Trout up first were fab – I’d never seen them live before and would certainly go back for more… didn’t someone get their album this year as a Kris Kringle? I didn’t really see Simone Hardy but she did a solo acoustic set and certainly sounded sweet and so on the mark.
Great night, many, many, many, many satisfied punters. The crowd was not as uninhibited (drunk…) as those in Newcastle but we had a small mosh pit up the front anyway…. how can you stand still? Even Meeks was dancing by the end 😉 (got ya…!)
Sarah G.

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