Cat & Fiddle. 8 April 2000

A simple miming action of taking a cigarette out of her mouth throwing it down and stubbing it on the floor from DC grabbed the crowd’s attention and a lot of cheers from the audience on Saturday night and wound that pedastal we hold Deborah on up to full height! The offending smoker had no choice but to follow suit.
INTERZONE led the set once more with RADIO LOVES THIS, ALIVE AND BRILLIANT – I think it was here that a string broke so DC broke into a solo version of “Lord, won’t you buy me a mercedes benz” while WZ fixed it… at the conclusion WZ struck up with “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a guitar roadie…” – see, I knew he was dying to add comedy to his on stage role! Then ALL OF THE ABOVE and NEVER FAR AWAY. This show was a love-in to rival the Newcastle show, with everyone in the front row coupled up and not shy to express their love. Su, you mentioned the “swinging” woman at the Friday night show… well there was a real swinger on Sat night who ended up kissing about three different fellas which was DC’s excuse as to why she forgot a few lines during the night! DC was just trying to work out who the woman had arrived with and who she would leave with!
The lads departed the stage for the acoustic section, leaving DC and WZ to play a great version of FEATHERS. Standing collaborating on their next tune, a few calls were coming from the audience – “White Roses”, “String of Pearls”, “Under My Skin”. Deborah all of a sudden turns, faces me, and into the microphone says “Sarah. What do you want to hear.” *SG grins from ear to ear* “Under My Skin please Deborah.”… “Fine choice” And off they went … now you’re under my skin…. whoah…. now you’re under my skin… whoah…… She turned to me for prompting on the first line of the second verse which of course I couldn’t remember but Willy came to the rescue as usual. Lisa J was stoked as she then knew I was actually there at the show and she had a good giggle cos the folk around her apparently started calling out “Good on ya Sarah… good choice Sarah…” etc. And of course I was stoked and didn’t do too well at playing it cool…. “that was for me, that was for me!” Sad… of course afterwards I thought maybe a call for “Dolly!”, or “something by Hormonal Motives…” might have been a laugh but I’m well pleased I didn’t!
The lads hopped back on stage and continued with HERE IN MY ARMS, DAISY, RELEASE ME, LAY MY HEAD, SHE’S COMING FOR IT and GIRL THING. DC beckoned for me to come up on stage and she even had the hand outstretched to help me up when the band struck up for NOVOCAINE so my dream to go on stage with DC (in fact it’s a dream even just to go on stage at the Cat and Fiddle) fizzled before me… thanks lads! That’s what I get for making Billy Oddie references…
A minute or so off stage and the first encore was called for. AND my dream fulfilled – DC dragged me up alongside her introducing me with “This is Sarah – the tasteful person who requested Under My Skin earlier tonight. And she’s wearing this fantastic teeshirt which you can buy after the show” I couldn’t help but ask her to plug the mailing list which was at the bar and I told her to say there was a competition between Sydney and Melbourne* so she said “Please sign up to the mailing list. Apparently there is a competition where you can win a million dollars and I hear the odds are good!”… good enough for me!
Not sure if I imagined it, but I think the volume might have been pumped up for IOTB and it went off, much better than Friday night’s version! Crowd went wild again with everyone singing out with the chorus. A quick report on Willy’s antics during the song – a bit of dancing with arms involved in a disco motion, one or two shirt pulls and some hand clasping in a prayer like fashion… he’s getting there with looking cool without the guitar… please keep us updated (nothing like making him feel totally self conscious… we may not be psycho fans but we’re cruel all the same…) Man Overboard – jeez – you’d think these guys wrote the darn song, they’ve really taken it over – I never heard the DoReMi version live but this is a full band sound now and I’d say it’s going to stick. The lads left DC and WZ on stage to play White Roses and that jazzy improvisation in the solo is just gorgeous… I know I should have led the applause but I don’t think Sydney people really know what to do with jazz… maybe you’ll make up for it in Melbourne.
They all came back on stage to finish off with “It’s Only a Dream” – fantastic way to finish the set – it lulls everyone to sleep then ends with a big dance opportunity. “Sweet dreams” announced DC at the end before sitting down to autograph hoards of cds. Not sure if I appreciated the reference to my eyebrows (! … you’ll know what I mean when you get your cd signed…), but I will keep my signed poster forever… something about being a legend 😉
One more observation – if you don’t want to lose hearing for 24 hours, stand on the right of stage in front of Cameron and Edmond – Lisa J told me that it’s better to stand away from the lead guitar in terms of keeping your ears in one piece. Still, you won’t be able to see past the black box on Cameron’s keyboard, or pull faces at Willy so it’s a hard decision.
So once again, DC has swept through NSW and turned our lives up the right way! I say thank you thank you thank you for the opportunity to help out and for the amazing energy and passion you share with all your fans. Congratulations on the massive crowds too, and not one disappointed. :-))))))
Sarah G.

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