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  • RePublica Issue 4 says the following in it’s introduction

    “Deborah Conway’s lyric , ‘Evil Homer’, was written for the album
    Ultrasound and recorded in 1995. Ultrasound is a band project featuring
    Willy Zygier, Paul Hester and Bill McDonald as well as Deborah Conway.
    The lyrics, ‘Unhappy hour’ and ‘Not Always Sweet’ are intended for a
    third solo project by Deborah Conway.”

    Given that this was published in 1996 I assume these songs we originally intended for what became My Third Husband. If anyone wants to track down of copy of this it is published by Angus&Robertson and edited by George Papaellinas.

    contributed by Rhonda Pelletier

  • There is a terrific interview with Deborah in a book called “On The Couch With Chris Beck” which was published by Harper and Collins in 1996. Although I am not going to reproduce the whole interview here (as you can buy the book) here’s a taste.

    Who were you in a previous life?

    I was either Lassie, she was always there in the trouble spots, or Medusa, because she also had problem hair.

    Contributed by Lisa J Young

  • Notes in the Album My Third Husband refer to syko kia which is almost certainly alluding to the Talking Heads track Psycho Killer. It’s a Girl Thing started life as a wild cover of this classic but for one reason and another became It’s a Girl Thing.
  • A couple of weeks back I came across an interactive
    exhibit at the Sydney Jewish Museum, which allows you to profile famous Jewish Australians. Deborah Conway is there (of course). When you select her name the exhibit plays a nice little clip. It’s worth seeing just to catch the cute photo of DC at a very young age, in primary school uniform. What really stuck in my mind was the concluding sentence of
    the clip: “For this singer, It’s Only The Beginning” (groan). Deborah
    will also be thrilled to hear that, according to the exhibit, she was
    born in 1952.

    Contributed by Bryan Gaensler

  • At the Jet Club in Sydney a few years back, she confiscated the camera bag
    of a photographer who wouldn’t stop using a high-powered flash. Said bag
    placed up the back of the stage and not given back until end of show.

    Submitted by Lisa J. Young
    (another freelance photographer who only heard this story AFTER
    photographing Deborah inn Sydney on a few occasions…..and I don’t use flashguns during shows for this very reason.)

  • The “interactive” CD Real Wild Child has some stuff about Deborah on it. Quite a few good photos, even a short bit of the Adultery film clip. Only $49 and well worth it for Australian music fans, it even runs on Windows as well.

  • Media Mania gave Deborah their female singer of the year award in 94.

  • Deborah was on Club Buggery on Saturday 13th September. She sang
    “Moon River”. Roy and HG slow danced with the Nissan Cedrics. Paul Kelly came out in the musical interlude and danced with Deborah.

    Swiped from a posting by Justin Clayden to the Paul Kelly Mailing List.

  • One of my favourite Conway quotes from a few years ago: Our heroine was nominated at the ARIA Awards for Best Female Vocalist – along with Kylie Minogue. Deborah’s response was along the lines of “No disrespect intended, but the only things Kylie and I have in common are a voice and a vagina”.

    Contributed by Brady Millett

  • Deborah provided the vocals for the lead character in the 1980’s ABC TV series “Sweet & Sour”. The lead role was played by Tracy Mann, but Deb did the singing. If I remember correctly, she said at the time she didn’t want to be credited on the recordings, because while she enjoyed doing the work, she didn’t want people to think that musically, that was the direction she was taking.

    Contributed by Brady Millett

  • On Colin Hay(ex-Men At Work)’s 1992 solo CD “Peaks And Valleys”, Deborah Conway
    wrote the lyrics to the song “She Keeps Me Dreaming” (the music was written by

    Contributed by Stefan Warnqvist

  • As part of the promotion for Bitch Epic, Mushroom sent out snack packs of Nutella with stickers over them saying ‘Bitch Epic’ instead of Nutella, and new instructions on how to use the contents

    ==> Hint; See front cover of Bitch Epic!

    Thanks to Alana for this treat

  • While working as a model Deborah was going to be a Big M girl but they said she couldn’t have the job because she wouldn’t shave.

    Contributed by Alana the Faerie

  • Willy Z is particularly careful about crossing the road so as not to get killed.

    Contributed by Alana the Faerie

  • Deborah was Dorland Bray’s best man at his wedding.

    Contributed by Alana the Faerie

  • Deborah’s sister, Shelley Conway is an artist. You can buy her beautimous cards around the place. The two sisters look alike.

    Contributed by Alana the Faerie

  • At the ‘What friends are for’ daryl braithwite benefit at the tennis centre, Deborah turned up onstage at the end barefoot to help sing ‘Good Times’.

    Contributed by Alana the Faerie

  • In 1979 Deborah Conway appeared in Peter Tammer’s short film “Mallacoota stampede”. The film looks at the annual summer influx of holidaying families to Mallacoota, the interactions of bored adolescents with their parents and the visit by a travelling drag show to the local hotel. Deborah’s topless scene as described by a crewmember was “an anticlimax”.

    Contributed by Robert Kerton

  • In “Running on Empty” DC went blonde.

    Contributed by Robert Kerton

  • Deborah Conway was also in the movie “Prospero’s Books” by Peter
    Greenaway. She is singing at the wedding towards the end. She is one of the few to be wearing clothes in the film….

    Contributed by Jim Mashberg

  • More trivia: Deborah Conway sang on the soundtrack to ‘Sweet
    and Sour’ an ABC TV show about a pop band.

    Contributed by Euan Troup

  • The song ‘Evil Homer’ on Ultrasound’s album appears to be
    the female version of ’88 Lines about 44 Women’..

    Contributed by Euan Troup

  • At the Harbourside Brasserie, DC told the audience that she called
    her daughter Syd so she could check her in as baggage when
    coming to Sydney.

    Contributed by Bryan Gaensler

  • At the Bushfire Concert at the SFS in ’94, she played
    “Smoke On The Water” and got a good laugh.

    Contributed by Bryan Gaensler

  • Deborah has actually recorded a whole album of dance music which will probably never see the light of day.

    Contributed by Bryan Gaensler

  • She apeared in a T.V show on ABC about sex,(with Elle McFeast), and said that she is bi-sexual and enjoys oral sex!!! *it’s true*!!

    Contributed by Genevieve Siddle

  • She is big in to theatre and has done a performance on Aristophanes ‘Frogs’, which required her to parade around naked and with white body paint on.

    Contributed by Genevieve Siddle

  • The Benders

    the Benders

    Before Do Re Mi Deborah was with the Benders for 8 months thru 1980/1981 They played major gigs and supports in Melbourne.
    Members were

    • DC (vocals)
    • Les Barker (guitar/vocals)
    • Greg Thomas (guitar/keyboards)
    • Neville Aresca (bass)
    • Dorland Bray (drums/vocals)

    They played mainly original songs written by Greg Thomas.

    Researched and contributed by Miff who also provided these photos and then disappeared never to be heard of again.

    Earliest shot of DC on the whole site