Clarendon, Katoomba, 28 August 2004

Last night’s gig at the Clarendon in Katoomba was also a blast!
Smaller crowd than the Basement (perhaps 100 people all told) and
probably a little less rowdy, but fabulous to see Deborah & Co in
such an intimate setting. Best crowd reaction (barring the
predictable encores) was probably I Love You But.
Random notable bits:
* Deb’s gag about Sally Robbins only got a muted response, and
after ‘Any Fool’ she commented how people forget quickly about such
news scandals.
* The band learnt that an election had been called from the audience
during the concert. Deb remarked “What, is the governor-general
24/7? Didn’t he have a BBQ or something to go to?”
* Gerry managed to completely mess up the beginning of Sunday
Morning by putting that thing whose name I can never remember across
the guitar strings in the wrong place. The group had to stop and
start again, but first Deb retold the story of how she’d messed up
playing Release Me at the World’s Biggest BBQ (though she didn’t
name the event). Later, she looked at Gerry and commented “I am so
dining out on that”.
* The encore got delayed because Deb had broken a guitar string —
she commented that it’s happened at every gig so far this trip.
* The bass player is Andy Papadopolous, and the drummer is Al
Bartlett (I think — not so sure on that name).
* Compulsory forgotten lyric: for the last verse of Man Overboard,
Deb began singing the third verse (“Come around when I’m asleep”
etc.), but she then segued into the correct version by adding a
couple of bars and I imagine only pathetically obsessed people like
me even noticed!
(who is now going to stop stalking these concerts unless an urgent
need to visit Melbourne again suddenly “comes up”)

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