Continental Cafe, 16 May 1998

WOW!! Tonight’s show would have to be the best I’ve ever seen. Deborah was dynamic, energetic and gorgeous but Willy went close to stealing the show with his incredible musicianship.
Tonight’s play-list was identical to last night, apart from the encores – tonight we enjoyed “It’s Only a Dream” (unrehearsed but stunning when they found their feet) and “String of Pearls”. Unfortunately “Under My Skin” wasn’t as special as last night, as the backing mix was way to loud – not only could people hear that it was, you could feel the bass reverberating through your own diaphragm!! The sound man was sternly warned by DC and perfection again reigned supreme.
Once again, “Girl Thing” and “Man Overboard” went down a treat, as did “Release Me” and “Only the Bones”. “All of the Above” allowed Willy to show off his magnificent skills and gave Deborah yet another one-liner… “I remember why I was so depressed when I wrote that….. John Howard had just got in!!”
Deborah was unable to get changed before the encore, some lunatic thought the idea of setting the fire extinguisher off in the change-room just prior to the break would be a good idea. Willy and DC were forced back onto the stage by the fumes and no doubt left with massive dry cleaning bills after their clothes were covered with specks of white stuff.
While Deborah waited for Willy to sort out the change room debacle, she told her favourite joke “Why do Jewish women only like circumcised penises? Because they won’t accept anything unless it’s 20% off!”
Despite this bizarre mishap, my memories of the Continental will be of an intimate, well laid out venue with terrific sound, effective lighting show, an excellent atmosphere and a charming audience. I was most impressed. To attend a concert with 6 other bitch listers, and meeting Deborah’s mother, as well as more photos with the fab two were other delights.
Bring on Canberra/Sydney!!
Sarah Groube

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