Dan O’Connell, 15 May 1998

At the end of a 17 hour day, a 750km plane ride, with a belly full of Qantas stew, feet screaming to be let out of the shoes bought that afternoon, squeezed into a smoky, hot pub with hundreds of drunk bods, what could possibly be the perfect remedy?!?
Of course the answer is obvious!!!!
Clad in astonishing matching outfits – well Deborah’s was a figure hugging dress and Willy’s were tight, tight stovepipes – both patterned with every colour of the rainbow, the duo burst into full voice with “Alive and Brilliant”. DC dedicated this song and the remainder of the show to old Bule Eyes “Yes, he passed away today…. Oh!! I’m sorry if I’m the one having to break this to you!!!”
A reworked version of “Under My Skin” was the highlight for me – being an older tune, it kept the motley crew’s attention, but it also encompassed the style and mood of “My Third Husband”.
“Girl Thing” was definitely the crowd favourite, and had been mixed to sound more crisp and clear that the last tour.
Deborah continued her spiel about Girl Things with “You know – dresses, bras, breasts” as she raised her arms above her head. Mr Motley yelled out – “and armpits!!” With perfect timing and aplomb, to the delight of the crowd, Deborah responded “Well, we ALL have those!!” followed by “Behind every great man is a surprised woman,” which was particularly enjoyed by the six bitch listers present – definitely the largest gathering to date. Mr Motley (complete with a Rambo head band, open shirt, long hair, moustache and stubble) had the last say of the concert as Deborah and Willy exited the stage “GREAT GUITARIN’ MAN!! GREAT GUITARIN’ MAN!!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.
“Man Overboard” and “Gold Finger” (an encore) were brilliant and tonight’s “Release Me” was one of the best renditions I’ve ever heard – absolutely perfect. Deborah changed into jeans and an MTH tee-shirt for the encore, persuading me that the shirts DO look good on, and that it’s not daggy to wear undies with little satin bows at the front!!
We mused after the show that we would have liked more songs from MTH to have been played… notable omissions were “It’s Only a Dream”, “Feathers in my Mouth”. …. then again, wouldn’t our dream play-list cover each song of every album?!?
If you missed the Dan, the Continental show is a must see.
Sarah Groube

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