Dan O’Connell, 17 June 1998

Deborah and Willy were joined on stage by Bill McDonald (Ultrasound, Frente) and Pete Farnan (Boom Crash Opera) at the Dan O’Connell. This show also marked the biggest ever Bitch List gathering with roughly one in three Bitch Listers there for this show.
The show started with a bang with the rarely heard Evil Homer, followed by fan favourite Madame Butterfly. From my Third Husband they also played All of the Above, Only the Bones, Here in My Arms, Under My Skin, 2001 Ultrasound, and of course, It’s A Girl Thing.
From Bitch Epic they played I’m not Satisfied and, what I though came across as the best song in the show, One More Time. Another treat for this performance was the new songs Radio Loves This (fantastic title, catchy tune) and Interzone (which as also played in the Australia Day show in the Fitzroy gardens).
The encoure was old time crowd pleasers Release Me and It’s Only the Beginning.
Overall it was a great show provided you stood up the front. People up the back complained that everything they heard was muffled and confused. This probably accounted for substantial crowd indifference through most of the show. Even up the front it had it’s moments of being fairly fuddled. Also a dissapointment is the hostility the Dan’s staff on the door show to patrons, they could not make it clearer that they want people to stay the fuck home.
On the bright side DC and WZ had a great time and if you were in the right spot the show rocked.
Mark O’Meara

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