DCN #348

These chords provided by Tim Hackett who said
Musically speaking, DCN#348 is the epitome of simplicity and honesty;
an unexpected and insightful ending to “Bitch Epic” (which you’re
likely to miss if you press the “stop” button too quickly). The
“vocals and guitar to one microphone” makes for a lovely organic
guitar sound and intimate vocals. It sounds like a very personal song
so I hope Deborah doesn’t mind me putting it up here.
Although it’s actually in “the people’s key” (E), Deborah plays it
with a capo on the 4th fret using a C formation. I don’t know if the
way I’ve written it down is strictly correct but, for simplicity’s
sake, I’ve used the names of the chord formations rather than the
actual chords. I haven’t included the hammered on notes that Deborah
plays in the C chord, but these aren’t too hard to work out if you
listen carefully. Hope you enjoy playing it.

DCN348 Chords

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