Domestic Harmony (1985)

Virgin Records ,1985

Domestic Harmony

Side 1

  1. The Theme from Jungle Jim
  2. After the Volcano
  3. Idiot Grin
  4. Cuttlefish Beach
  5. Warnings Moving Clockwise

Side 2

  1. Man Overboard
  2. Big Accident
  3. Racing To Zero
  4. New Taboos
  5. 1000 Mouths

There is a later CD release with a longer track listing and a short bio of the band by Glenn A. Baker. The addtional tracks are –

  • Black Crocodiles
  • No Fury
  • Shake this Place
  • Man Overboard (12 Inch Version)
  • Burning the Blues.

6 thoughts on “Domestic Harmony (1985)

  1. Matthew Tomkins

    Hi there.

    Sorry to pester you guys about old alums, but was hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction as where I can purchase Domestic Harmony on CD, here in Melbourne.

    This was gem of a record. A solid album full of great tunes and maybe the best example of that post-punk sound in Australia. In Brisbane, Triple-zed gave this lots of airplay, and I remeber well being knocked out by a live show at the UQ Refect’ in the mid ’80s. It was one of rare ‘wow’ moments of live performance.

    My intial investigations have been fruitless, so any info would be appreciated.


  2. ian douglas

    Totally agree with Mathew! I would kill to find this album on cd especially with the extra tracks! Can no-one get this together for a re-issue? Clearly one of THE best Australian or any records ever + its soulmate the Happiest Place in Town where we are now/not!

  3. John Kean

    Please, Please, Please, make this album available again on iTunes.The album “The Happiest Place In Town” is there. Like many aussies in the 80’s bought a lot of a Australian artists on cassette and now thanks to technology I don’t think you can even buy a cassette deck anymore.
    Have spent a lot off time re buying all of my fav 80’s songs but just cant get “Idiot Grin” maybe just locked away in some record companies vault. So please re issue

  4. Allan Chung

    I was 15, and this album blew me away. I played the cassette ad nauseum. Would dearly love to get this on CD and have not been able to find it in print. It’s sad that this is probably locked up in a vault somewhere.

  5. Anthony

    I had this on tape and it got played to death i have recently bought the second album the happiest place in town on I tunes but i cannot find domestic harmony

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