East Of Eden

She turned round and said, “I’ve had enough
Of sleeping rough I want more from life,
This is not Paradise”
They were sitting on the bus, and heading west
He felt a mess but kind of blessed
Like they were man and wife
They’d first met on one defining evening
When the moon hung low and heavy in the air
And everything around them seemed enchanted
While they held on and laid each other bare

He pushed back his seat and checked the stars
Did life on Mars make more sense than this?
He was kind of hoping she’d reveal a secret stash,
Plan something rash, a mad dash to cash her chips in
But she was saying nothing
He remembered music from his childhood
Tried to hum it with the engine’s low tattoo
He was hoping she knew what she was doing
Cos he realised he didn’t have a clue
It’s worth a try, it’s worth a try
And if we don’t fall we’re going to fly
To a great height

3am and they’re still on the bus
And all that gloss of taking off
Has worn a little thinner
We know being poor is crap it lays a trap
For every sap who thinks that happiness
Fills you more than dinner
He leant across to be a little closer
She turned her back and shifted in her seat
She was dreaming of another happy ending
And waking up would only mean defeat
It’s worth a try, it’s worth a try
And if you don’t fall you’re going to fly
To a great height

Only a poor boy with an open heart
Could find himself on top of the world
With nowhere to go but down

He learnt in bible class the world was made
In just six days and on the seventh
G-d stood back to marvel
Then Eve and Adam really screwed things up
And all for what was never worth much
A lousy piece of strudel
He thought about his sleeping companion
All she wanted was to exit gracefully
They had entered from opposite directions
Both drawn by the apple on the tree
It’s worth a try, it’s worth a try
Cos if they don’t fall they’re going to fly
To a great height

The bus stops before dawn he feels torn
‘tween what’s behind and what’s before him
The desert is so quiet
The driver fills the tank the diesel stank
He wanders off to smoke a fag
And dream of things he hasn’t tried yet
She’d only offered something that he wanted
A chance to really see things as they are
But his vision’s gone all misty round the edges
And he lets the bus leave him in the dark
It was worth a try, was worth a try
Cos if we didn’t fall we were going to fly
To a great height

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