Epic Theatre EP

Mushroom TVD93416 (1994)

Epic Theatre CD Cover

photo: Pierre Baroni ©

  • This recording is a compilation of two Athenaeum shows in Melbourne on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of May 1994.
  • Released as a double CD pack with Bitch Epic.
  • Produced by William J Zygier
  • Photographic troublemaking and design – Pierre Baroni
Track Song Title Written by
1. Buried treasure Conway
2. Madame Butterfly is in trouble Conway
3. Parabasis Conway/Zygier
4. Will you miss me when you’re sober Conway
5. White roses Conway/Bray
6. Get stripped Zygier
7. String of pearls Conway
8. Today I am a daisy Conway/Zygier
Epic Theatre Disc

One thought on “Epic Theatre EP

  1. Tony

    Just listened to Parabasis again, great track, great lyrics, even more relevant today that EVER!

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