Everybody’s Begging

beggar man keeps company

with soldiers, sailors, spies and thieves

everybody’s got a scheme

beggar man wears his on his sleeve

the priest is begging for a soul

the rabbi’s begging for the scroll

the ferryman begs for his toll

the jelly’s begging for the roll

Oh oh everybody’s begging

you have a lot of everything

you have someone to do your every bidding

and I see you living like a king

but you know there’s still something missing

the dog is begging for a bone

the heir is begging for the throne

the poor man’s begging for a loan

the unknown are begging to be known

Oh oh everybody’s begging

nothing like an earthly hell

to bring out all the-self styled angels

but the ones who spell it out can’t spell

you give them something and they want something else

there’s writers begging to be read

there’s voices begging in your head

there’s blood that’s begging to be shed

there’s hungry begging for some bread

there’s hooker’s begging to be paid

you think it’s fun just getting laid

there’s junky’s begging for a fix

that’s not enough until it is

Oh oh everybody’s begging

  we are the miserable mammals

every day’s so hard to handle

the path to salvation’s one long battle

the darkness lit by one lone candle

there’s secrets begging to be hidden

the future’s begging to be written

there’s fuel begging for ignition

i’m a soldier begging for a mission

in the dark begging for some light

in the dark begging for a fight

you can just point me at the action

everyone’s begging for distraction

Oh oh everybody’s begging

everything you’ve ever owned

every place that you’ve called home

every piece you thought would fit

the physical and the spirit

what we are is less than what we’re not

and what we’re not is less than what we want

and what we want is where we’re always heading

and all i see is everybody begging

Oh oh everybody’s begging

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