Evil Homer Chords

This is deadly simple treat for guitar strugglers such as myself. It is in 4/4 (two beats to each line of lyrics), capo on the 8th fret, D and A formations (what you are really playing is Bb to F)
The break (after every second verse) has a keyboard sequence through it that I am told is pretty straight forward but beyond my meagre wit.
Thanks to Willy Zygier for explaining these chords to me.
Ross was always on blinder
David’s mostly running late
Shane prefers it gentler kinder
Alan likes to eat his cake
John’s beloved by all who meet him
Andrew makes a lot of dough
Roman’s trying vegetarian
Ralph wants everyone to know
James can understand both parties
Grant’s a fundamentalist
Gary’s fights get very narky
Gerry’s a ventriliquist
Tom likes wearing short pyjamas
Dick has joined his local team
Harry’s into green bananas
served with passionfruit and cream
Larry thinks he’ll join the navy
Joe is lively talks non stop
Matthew says he loves me truly
Herman’s into heavy rock
Winston loves to wear mascara
Truman’s moved to Ivanhoe
Pablo’s trying to reach Nirvana
he must be the last to know
Bob defies all defintion
Darwin makes it obvious
Ted is one big indecision
Scott is so industrious
Roger has the best intestines
Gough makes everybody laugh
Keith is fragile likes prescriptions
Toby thinks he’s really tough
Dan is daring not to gamble
Nevin never ever would
Geoff reads any tabloid scandal
Ben picks pockets and he’s good
Jordan never learned to tango
Noel is always practicing
Simon says he knows the lingo
but no-one really believes him
Bertoldt can’t stop muscle building
Humboldt’s table manner suck
Hercules is undernourished
Evil Homer lives to fuck

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