3 thoughts on “Family harmony for husband and wife

  1. liza

    I am not sure how this works.. can I read this article. I just saw Deborah play at a friends house in PErth on the weekend. Just wanted to do some reading about Deborahs come back. By the way, a really lovely afternoon and a really lovely concept to get music into the back yard. Lovely memories every time I play the CD.. Thank you!

  2. mark Post author


    I guess you are asking about the Half Man Half Woman parties. The basic deal is that if you purchase thirty or more copies of the album in one hit, they will come and play for twenty minutes at your home or work. The performance is when they are in your part of the world, so if you are outside Melbourne you would generally arrange this for when they are in your town.

    You can contact them using the contact page of this site if you want to arrange one.

  3. Naomi Rubinstein

    Hi Ceborah,
    Thanks for calling me back regarding the Jewish Womens Festival.
    Can you please try me again?
    Thanks Sincerely,
    Naomi 0412117166

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