Fly By Night, Perth, 10 May 1998

Just a quick note to let everyone know that DC is in FINE form!! I went to see her show last night at the Fly By Night Musicians Club in Fremantle and she SIZZLED!
I cant remember the exact play list but she did play the following songs (and probably some others that i don’t recall!)
* Alive and Brilliant
* White Roses
* Buried Treasure
* Only The Bones (Will Show)
* Here In My Arms
* 2001 Ultrasound
* Its a girl thing
* Bag of Sweets
* Today I Am A Daisy
* Madame Butterfly Is In Trouble
* Man Overboard
…and…like i said…a whole heap more that i cant remember!!
DC forgot the words to Buried Treasure about 3/4 of the way through the song, and after abusing the wrong person in the crowd for suggesting she sing it (jovially of course) someone called out the next line of the song and DC took off from where she left. Needless to say this moment of the show was extremely funny for everyone that was there…including Deborah!!!
Saturday night she played a pub gig at the Scarborough beach hotel, she said “doing a show there was like doing a show at the naughty school……in the naughtiest room of the naughtiest school!”
It was the best gig ive been to so far this year…and…possibly the best gig I will go to!

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