Friday October 10th 2003

I’m back and I’m recording. Outside the sky is blue but I know the wind is cold and the temperature is closer to 10 than 20. We’ve been here at this as yet undiclosable location, since Monday when we loaded in the gear. Tuesday the band joined us to start pre-production.The fire in the living/rehearsal room roars but does not burn the logs made of some indestructible substance.
We have 18 songs although that’s a bit of a cheat as one of them is It’s Only A Dream from MTH. This band does a fine version of it which I’ve wanted to record but also I liked it on my list cos it helped to fill out the new songs in the preliminary weeks of writing. Don’t need it anymore. I’m full of songs and full of cheer.
Daylesford beckons with icy winds and warm crowds, tonight we play in the Palais at Hepburn Springs. Last time we played, there folk were doing strip tease dancing on the laminated table tops, as Mark O’Meara is my witness.

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