I am the creator, the violator
Of your natural law
I am pure vengeance, the death sentence
Happy to destroy
Send in the plagues, the flood, send fire
I never tire of misery
I’ll slay your first born, I’ll slay your second born
I’ll make it easy to believe
I’ve done it before
I can do it again
Let’s start with you atheists, a good way to begin

I am, I will, I do, I see

I am the code, the secret road
To your hidden soul
I am the noise and I am the poison
That will take you all down
Here is the pestilence, don’t want to talk sense
To anyone here
I’m not forgiveness, nor am I kindness
Or justice, just fear
I made the world
And I make the rules
You think there aren’t any, you’re fools

I am, I will, I do, I see

Light your candles, bend your knee, lift your eyes and cry again
Why me, why me

No hiding friend, we’re at the end
I’ve predetermined destiny
Too late for prayers, you think I care?
I’m gonna blow you to smithereens
I’ve done it before
I can do it again
Hear it coming, the day of reckoning
I’ve done it before
I can do it again
I’ll still be here after Armageddon

I am, I will, I do, I see

In every generation
I help a nation to fall

One thought on “G-d

  1. Colin Cussel

    What possessed you to write to write the song “G-D” on the Stories of Ghosts album. It is pure Shiva (the destroyer) in the Hindu tradition. It is not very pleasant to listen to but strangely cathartic. I find myself singing “I am, I will, I do, I see!” with full passion. Why me?

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