Happy New Year single (1999)

Happy New Year CD Cover

Pulp 0002, 1999.

  1. Happy New Year (Conway/Zygier)
  2. Novocaine (Conway/Zygier)
  3. Glory Ordinary Day (Conway/Simon Austin)

Novocaine is from the album Exquisite Stereo.

Track 1

  • Produced by Richard Pleasance
  • Mastered by Mick Sirasole
  • Guitars and Bass: Richard Pleasance
  • Backing Vocals: Willie Zygier (sic) & Richard Pleasance
  • Drums: Peter Maslan

Track 2 and 3

  • Engineered by Mark Ingram
  • Mixed by Paul McKercher
  • Mastered by Ross Cockle
  • Bass: Edmond Ammendola
  • Samples and Keyboards: Cameron Reynolds
  • Drum and Backing Vocals: Dave Williams
  • Guitar and Backing Vocals: Willie Zygier (sic)

Distributed by Pulp Entertainment.

The misspelling of Willy’s name makes thing one well worth tracking down. It was released predominantly through Sanity music stores.

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