House Party – 13 August 2004

I wanted to say a huge thank-you to everyone who bought cd’s to enable the house party to happen. Especially the interstate contingent! And huge thanks to Viv for talking her friends into hosting the evening, and to Peter & Glenda themselves for inviting us in… and to Deborah & Willy for playing.
There hasn’t been a review of the evening posted, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.
First, I was late. Not a huge surprise to anyone who knows me. My excuse was football training. At 7:45pm I was running around in the cold rain… ten minutes later I was picking up my girlfriend from the station, and about 10 minutes after that we were standing on the doorstep of a house in Northcote hoping we had the right address.
We were welcomed in by a crew of youngsters, who proceeded to show us their dolls then disappear into a side room. We tracked the party down in the lounge (It was easy to find – I could see Mark). It was fabulous to see people again… Tim, Julie, Mark and Nikki (with gorgeous tot in tow). I’ve probably left people out, but that always happens.
My timing was impeccable of course – just time to get a drink before Deborah and Willy came on stage. Oops, I mean before they moved from the other half of the room, sat down, and encouraged people to move closer. Mark and Tim eagerly sat on the floor at their feet… I think Tim was making sure he saw every note Willy played.
First item was an explanation about how they came to be in the suburban lounge playing for us all… explaining about sales, record companies, etc… and the new strategy of walking into peoples homes and playing.
Um, songlist… I hadn’t heard the album, and don’t have it with me now, so this will be vague.
*Accidents happen in the home.
*The Ikea song – (I saw lots of smiles around the room as people remembered their own DIY experiences. Made me grin because I love putting those things together. No wonder people thing I’m strange!)
*Um… another song that Deborah forgot the first line of… Mark had to prompt her.
Um… guess I don’t know these songs so well yet!
The point is that the songs were great… the crowd was lovely. The lounge ambience was amazing – so intimate!
Anyway, I really only wanted to say what a fabulous night it was… and say thanks to all those who so greatly deserve it.

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