2 thoughts on “It’s Only The Beginning

  1. Warren Hardy

    Hi Deborah and Willy, thank you so much for posting the chords to this song which I love. Is there any chance you could could give me some tips on how to do the melodic guitar riffs at the beginning and through the song. I have tried my best but can’t quite figure them out. Thanks so much and all the best

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Warren, a little difficult to do that via this forum but the main thing to know is that the melody is mostly played on your B string while also strumming the open sign E string as you play that melody. As the melody gets lower you have to shift it to the G string and then strum the open B string as well as the E string and then the melody reverses and you basically do it all again but travelling up the neck. If that makes NO sense and that’s likely, drop in at a gig sometime and I’ll show you how to do it. Cheers WZ

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