Kids Benefit, Prince of Wales, 8 Dec 1998

Wednesday the 9th of December at the Price of Wales turned out not to be the home of a big crowd for the Kids Benefit gig.
After sitting through 10 minutes of one of the other bands (who were awful) Deborah and Willy appeared and quietly set up their stuff. Bitch Listers present were Amanda, Kate, Rach, Julie, Nicky and myself (or is that I?).
They opened with Interzone. I may just be a heathen but this number is not really growing on me much but there you have it. This was followed by She’s Coming for It. My impresssion, again from a position of almost total ignorance, was that they played this one at a faster tempo (no idea if this is the correct term) than normal. I really like She’s Coming for It so was pretty happy with this.
This was followed by the ever catchy Radio Loves This. Listening and watching I was pleased to see that I have the basic strumming of this one down more or less (thanks to Willy for taking me through this in minute detail and to Tim for coaching me out of all the wrong ways to interpret the notes I made from Willy’s instruction). While they were playing RLT Willy was doing weird guitar distortion type noises which I could not decide if I liked or really annoyed me. Happily I worked out that I did like the sound of it (just full of fucking opinions tonight, aren’t I?)
Second last (not completely sure about the ordering generally now it comes down to it) they played Bag of Sweets.
Deborah then announced that they had time for one more song as they were running early. She asked the crowd (for want of a better word) and some fellow yelled out “two songs, two more songs” which was warmly recieved by the audience.
Apparantly at the request of the sound guy (DC asked him if he had paid to get in, one of those things you had to be there to follow) they finished with String of Pearls which is always welcome.
At the end of that they bid us good night and disappeared into the ether which is fair enough really.
Mark O’Meara

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