Kol Nidre

Before we can start we have to close

Renounce all our vows all our oaths

All the curses and laments to the wrong gods we chose

’Til we’re empty ‘tiI we’re empty as the sun goes down


I’ve done many things I regret

I’ve made a life woven from broken thread

But I want to dance another dance & smoke another cigarette

I am swaying I am swaying in your holy house


Sing for me the slow melody that sets me free


I found a path I found old steps to retrace

As familiar as my mother’s embrace

And I am here to hear the horn, to be with you, to seek some grace

I am ready I am ready I am empty I am empty I am swaying I am swaying

As the sun goes down


From the belly of the whale to the heart of Israel

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