Man Overboard Chords

Man Overboard Chords

These chords provided by Tim Hackett who said

These chords are based on my best assessment of Willy Zygier’s
rather funky acoustic rendition of “Man Overboard”, minus the
introduction and clever bits in the middle. The sample bar of G7 is a
rather complicated way of representing the rhythm he uses. If it
comes across as an unintelligible schmozzle, don’t worry, it’s not
you. But it might make some sense if you’ve actually heard him play

If fans have chords they have pieced together, please send them in to be included on this site. All chords may be printed for personal use but MAY NOT be redistributed by any means what so ever.

2 thoughts on “Man Overboard Chords

  1. Andy Hilyear

    hi I’m a 47 yr old bloke just taking up guitar & bass & wanted to know where I could get the bassline for Man Overboard.? I have searched the net high & wide with no success. Congrats on a great career . Cheers Andy.

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