Only The Bones (Will Show) Chords

These chords provided by Tim Hackett who says

“Only the Bones” is one of my favourite songs off “My Third
Husband”. Ignoring guitar solos, there appear to be two distinct
guitar parts to this song. The first set of chords are the basic ones
underlying the whole song. I don’t thinks these are exactly the
originals as used by Willy Zygier, but leaving them all down the
bottom of the fretboard makes them a bit easier to play. They’re kind
of subdued and muffled chords, so if you don’t like the ones I’ve
suggested, just use your favourite chord formations instead.

Only the Bones Chords - Part One

This second set of chords are a kind of melody/harmony line you can
play along with the chorus. When you’re listening to the song,
these jump out at you at the beginning of each chorus. The
lyrics are at the top of each row of chords so you know where abouts
you are in the song.

Only the Bones Chords - Part 2

These fret diagrams represent the distorted arpeggio chords Willy
Zygier plays at the tail end of the song. The numbers at the bottom
of each diagram is to let you know in which order to play each note.

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