Outside Of Zion

Falling at your feet
Coming apart slowly
I kneel before you now
Asking forgiveness for all that I’ve done
Standing outside of Zion

The Lord writes better tunes
I pray for some guidance
My work is rough and rude
There was a time when I heard your song
It rang out so sweetly, and I sang along
And it’s still in my head, playing 1 2 3 1
Standing outside of Zion

Every mistake that I made
I’d make them all over again
‘cos all of those wrong turns and stumbles I took
Let me glimpse perfection

I dreamt the Promised Land
But I’ve lost my way lately
And I don’t know how this ends
There have been times when my faith was strong
There have been times when I got it all wrong
And there have been days when the people were crying
Lord were you lying
Leaving us standing outside of Zion

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