Prince of Wales, 24 October 1997

In the first of her two gigs at the Prince of Wales, Deborah again gave a glittering performance. She took the stage in a gorgeous red lame dress which featured a heart-shaped cutout, exposing her belly where the latest member of the Conway-Zygier clan is preparing for his/her entrance. Her gold slingback shoes were kicked off half way through the first song, and a barefoot and pregnant (her words) Deborah danced and sang her way through All of the Above, Only The Bones, Everything You Want It to Be, Alive & Brilliant, Adultery, Here in My Arms, 3 Love, Holes in the Road, Feathers in My Mouth, Bag of Sweets, Release Me, It’s a Girl Thing, 2001 Ultrasound and Man Overboard before an entranced audience.
As with the Dan O’Connell gig, the audience were less interested in the songs from My Third Husband than those from String of Pearls and Bitch Epic, however this time they at least gave the new songs a hearing, and from the few I saw mouthing the words, it appears some have actually bought the new album. The older songs took on an almost anthemic quality as the crowd could be heard quite clearly singing along.
We were rewarded this time with two encores, the first consisting of String of Pearls and It’s Only the Beginning and the second of the rarely heard Last to Know and It’s Only a Dream. All in all, a great gig with Deborah, Willy and band in fine form before an appreciative audience.
Nicky Pelletier

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