Prince of Wales, 25 October 1997

Deborah and Willy excelled in thier second show at the Prince of Wales. The play list was similar to the Friday night performance with a couple of minor changes. Deborah seemed in high spirits and chatted to the audience every few songs. She predicted this tour would lead to a baby boom to bring more Labor voters into the world. She also assured us that any problems in the show were most certainly Kennett’s fault.
Additions to the playlist started with the often requested Madame Butterfly is In Trouble. In the encoure someone screamed out for White Roses, Deborah called for a show of hands for that or Last to Know. White Roses won beyond all doubts.
White Roses was performed by only Deborah and Willy, with Willy on guitar. He austounded everyone present (including DC) with his fabulous work with this classic. He was rewarded with a big round of applause from everyone led by Deborah.
In all a fantastic show, one for the history books.
Mark O’Meara

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