Saturday December 8th 2001

And my excuse for not doing this more often? Hopeless, truly hopeless, but I blame the computer. I know, the good workman never blames his tools, but I always thought that was bullshit, how can you make a good sushi roll with a blunt knife and how can you sit down to blog when all you want to do is hurl your Macintosh Powerbook 5300c out of the window!
Anyway this is the last blog, it is the last dying breaths of the show. We are still at Sydney s Star Casino, for those who ve just joined, and have been here 5 weeks. We ve clocked up well over 100 shows over 6 months, made lots of punters weep, laugh, tap their feet and buy copies of PC, Exquisite Stereo and even MTH. I have added at least 2 notes to the bottom of my register, (look out for them on the next release) made a bunch of new pals, imbibed lots of margheritas and sparkling shiraz (I m over that phase now); read piles of books; seen a few movies (all Australian I realised yesterday); swam or walked miles, depending on the facilities; slept 8 gorgeous uninterrupted hours every single night no matter what time I went to bed (that will be the hardest thing to relinquish); and have become very accustomed to Housekeeping and the Please Make Up My Room ritual. Plus I ve been lauded and applauded in 5 states, who couldn t get used to this?
But now the party s over, time to call it a day, la la la la la la etc.
There will be an awards night on Sunday with everyone getting an award for something. I nominated myself for Most Improved In Heels, I think I m a shoe in. It has been my greatest challenge throughout the season, how to carry myself gracefully in monstrous 6 inch heels, while traversing the stage in the emotional walk halfway through Crazy. Yeek, I can t tell you how many times I ve nearly toppled. I think the answer is speed, you can t slow down past a certain point or all is lost, kind of like the famous film noir piece (forgotten the name of it) about carrying a load of TNT across a rutted road, the trick was to go at a speed that carried them over the ruts more or less like a hovercraft; so now that s me, Hovercraft Conway, smooth but rapid.
There have been a few moments when I ve wanted to kill someone, (no names) but they pass, and a few shows when I have been bored out of my tiny Cline mind, but I worked them out, threw myself back into the songs, buried myself in the emotion of them and it s impossible to be bored, the show whizzes past. Now there are 3 left, 2 of them today and I have a virus, fallen at the finishing line, q elle bore (as Mr. Ratti would say). But I power on with the assistance of chemicals and force of will. Anyway maybe it s a blessing since I m so busy concentrating on summoning my voice to do my bidding that I have no time to mourn this passing.
God save Cline, long live Conway….
Thankyou bloggees, especially to Mr. O Meara for being the willing conduit

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