Serpent’s Tooth

Leave your armies at the border

I surrender

You won’t need your slings and arrows

I surrender

Take down your hair my  lovely

All the pins that hurt my hands

the sharpness of your judgments wound

you leave me dumb

please still your tongue

leave your weapons at the entrance 

i surrender

you won’t need your guns or bullets

i surrender

all my heart is yours to keep

the tenderest of all my parts

be careful of your brutal feet

don’t trample me

beneath this love

leave your armour on the doorstep

i  surrender

you won’t need your wall of silence

I surrender 

all the sleepless nights we spent

in the comfort of my arms

your tangled legs your warm sweet scent

my pillows dent

in remembrance

leave your tempest in the hallway

I surrender

you won’t need  thunder you won’t need lightning 

I surrender

you won’t need that moat around you

i surrender

10 thoughts on “Serpent’s Tooth

  1. Audrey Durbridge

    I just heard this at the Theatre Royal in Hobart tonight. Although I have listened to it before, this time I really heard it. I wept. I did never surrender to my beloved daughter thinking that was right. The truth and authenticity of this song is utterly transformative. Oh how we learn.

  2. Lee white

    What a fabulous song. As the parent of two young women I can relate to every lyric. Thankyou.

  3. Fiona FitzCharles

    This song is so touching and real. I have 3 daughter. It makes me remember the trying times with a tear. All good now. X

  4. Leigh

    Saw you at Smith’s in Canberra recently. Wonderful performance! This song was the highlight for me. So tender and far reaching.

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