The Basement, 26 August 2004

The audience hung on every word, both spoken and sung. DC has a theory that everyone is born with a mistake that keeps recurring in their lives. I’m not sure if she admitted to her’s, but dedicated “Any Fool” to Sally Robbins which I was very impressed by, a sporting reference at a DC show, and we couldn’t believe how close to the mark she was. It was too funny, but unfortunately it sparked a big debate behind us as to who in the boat should have apologised!
I just love “Save Your Song”, it’s one of my faves, and to hear how the line came about was just great.
“Something’s Right” is somehow even more beautiful live than on the
recording and goes straight to number one in my book.
“It doesn’t work that way” drew the best response of the night. People were in tears with laughter, it was great to see.
The Patsy Cline reference drew wide applause from the crowd, and it was fitting that two of DC’s colleagues in the musical, Julie McGregor and Libby Clarke, were there enjoying the gig.
After my good friend complimented them at the bar on their performances in Patsy, we sat down after the show with them for a drink. It was amazing to find out that Julie is the voice for Dawn in Dawn and Barry, the brilliant 2 minute Olympic pisstake on the comedy channel every night. You know, the claymated Sydney 2000 volunteers? Well, it’s a classic so we were quoting lines back to Julie much to her bemusement as I don’t think she’d had any feedback about it yet! Just lovely people.
I could be wrong, but I don’t think they played Heartache. I also didn’t catch the names of the other musicians on stage, appart from Gerry Hale who switched between a large mandolin and a lap guitar looking thing – Tim you might have to help me out on the terminology! That double bass kicked along nicely as did the bloke on drums, it was all good. I’m pretty biased but I did miss Willy. I can’t remember the last time I saw him in concert as he hasn’t been on the last two tours here, or Patsy of course. In saying that, the band worked really well and the mandolin was an awesome melodic accompaniment for every song.
The encores went down well… DC reemerged on stage saying, “Now I’ll play you some new songs I’ve been working on…. only kidding!” and launched into Alive and Brilliant. “This is the golf song…” – It’s Only the Beginning. “Hit after hit after hit!!” – Today I’m a Daisy. And she finished with Man Overbard. That Gerry Hale is a genious to turn a that big mandolin into something so damn funky. It rocked.
DC paid wonderful tribute to Willy as the co-star on the new album. “Willy Zygier. Rhymes with bigger….[to great applause]… and vigour [to laughter]… and he’s a great cook too! I’m very lucky.” Someone in the crowd called out “Where is he tonight?” Perfectly timed she replied meekly “He’s at home, looking after the children,” to cheers from all the mothers in the room. “I’m blushing! I never blush! It must have been the good cooking comment…” The banter with the audience all night was spot on.
I’m hearing Nicky’s voice in my head…”but what was she wearing?”… DC was resplendant in a knee length, long sleeved, floral dress covering black pants. Her hair is shortly cropped around her face, and she just remains ageless.
I’ve blethered enough, keep those reviews coming guys. Big thanks to DC for swinging by Sydney and providing such great songs and support to me and mine.
Our football team’s grandfinal on Saturday (1pm, WH Wagener Oval, Ashbury ; Newtown Breakaways (yay) v Wests (boo), women’s AFL – wear red and white!) has stopped me heading to the Milton, Canberra and Katoomba shows, as well as Newcastle two nights ago.
There hasn’t been such a clutter of shows around here since the “Girls (+1 boy) with Guitars” tour way back when, which DC reminded me of last night.
They’re really looking forward to Milton tonight. Remember that gig, when all the locals took in a bottle of red and a wine glass each? What an absolute hoot. DC was sad she had missed that aspect of the show last time!
She did remember our master guitar class with Willy… how did we talk him into that? Ah, the memories…
Looking forward to more reviews.
Sarah G

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