The Basement, 26 August 2004

Just got back in from the concert at the Basement to discover
David’s email and the link to all the photos from the list
Summertown party (including one with me looking almost human), so
it’s been a great Deborah evening all around!
Deb and the guys were in stunning form tonight. Taking an apparent
cue from Neil Young, they played the entire Summertown album (save for Heartache) in sequence, and then encored with Alive & Brilliant, It’s Only The
Beginning, Today I Am A Daisy and Man Overboard. Though the familiar
tracks predictably got a good response from the capacity crowd, the
Summertown material also went down really well — particularly
Accidents, Sunday Morning, One More Chance, I Love You But & It
Doesn’t Work That Way. Deb told some of the same stories about the
origins of the tracks as she had at the Summertown events, but also
explained the origins of others (e.g. where the Van Morrison line in
Sunday Morning comes from, how One More Chance is quite deliberately
a Pasty Cline-esque song).
At the Melbourne party, Willy had chided Deborah for forgetting the
lyrics to Try To Save Your Song. That didn’t happen in Sydney, but
she did miss the first half of the most infamous line in Alive &
Brilliant, singing “I [silence] breasts you like”. But as far as the
crowd was concerned, she could do no wrong.
While I’m feeling archival, if memory serves, this was the setlist
for the list Summertown do:
* Accidents Happen In The Home (with crowd singalongs for the male
parts at the end)
* Something’s Right
* Try To Save Your Song (abandoned after Deb forgot the words)
* Stay On Track
* It Doesn’t Work That Way
Can’t wait until Katoomba on Sunday!

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