The Commercial, 10 Feb 1999

I’m not going to review last night’s show, except to say that it was really, really good.
There were 2 highlights for me:
First, the 3 yobbos standing midway along the bar. These guys started off the evening doing their best to talk as loudly as possible over the music.
As the set wore on, though, their conversation ground to a halt as they began to pay more and more attention to DC. However, from the look on at least one of them’s face, I’m not sure the music was initially the main attraction. By the end they were totally won over. Towards the end DC said that she hoped the audience didn’t mind listening to the new stuff, rather than the songs they’re familiar with. One of the yobbos shouted that it was cool, DC replied that actually it was rather warm in the pub. A nice moment.
The other highlight was couple I will call Mr & Mrs Average. I recognised these people from the Dan last week, which pleased me since I thought we listers were the only groupies following City of Women around – aside from a couple of girls who I think might be girlfriends of guys in the band.
These two were having an absolute ball. They sat at a table and bopped along with every song, even getting into a bit of head banging during ‘I laid my head down on my pillow and I cried all night’ (yes, that is the song title)
It was a pleasure to see other people who obviously enjoy DC’s music as much as we do. Which bring me to the few lyrics I can remember: they come from ‘I laid my head down …’
This is one of the verses I think. I may not have it completely right because the song is very fast.
Here goes:
I’m trying out different food
I’m trying a different bus stop
I’m trying out different food
I’m trying a complete mind-swap
There is also a bit that goes, ‘I’m enjoying exotic ..’ something, has a couple of other lines and ends with ‘I’m enjoying being single’, but Julie paid more attention to that bit than I did.
Nicky Pelletier

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