The Commercial Hotel, 24 Feb 1999

What wonders a front page of a newspaper will achieve. Clearly we were not the only ones paying attention to DC on the front cover of the Western Times last week, the Commercial was packed for the final night of City of Women there.
The play list was pretty much the standard for these shows with the addition of Freeway something which I think was played at the Empress this week also. I can’t really comment on this new one as it always takes me a few listens to get into things, what did others think?
Rach and I were all ready to call for Turn for an encore but the moment sort of escaped us, damn damn damn. I sneaked a look at the playlist and it was there amoung the final songs they didn’t play.
All in all a terrific show. While the most dramatic improvements to songs seemed to be earlier this month each show seems to be that little bit better. There were only very minor sound problems last night but this was more than compensated by the whole band having a top time.

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