The Commercial Hotel, 3 Feb 1999

I was one of the thirty or so strong crowd to see the first performance of the City of Women and some of the songs which hopeful will grace DC No 4.
There were about ten songs in all played. City Of Women is made up of DC, WZ (dressed by his dad), Cameron Reynolds (keyboards/sampling), David Williams (the drummer), and Edmond Ammendola (bass player) – hope I’ve got them right.
They started off with Interzone- the band version is good. Others that I knew were She’s Coming For It, You’ve Come To Earth and Radio Loves This. RLT has been reworked a bit and really rocks. Willy picks and Deb strums and it sounds great with bass etc. It should be recorded just as it was played last night.
Can’t remember too many titles of new songs, but Happy New Year sounds like a sad and melancholic end to IOTB – a beautiful DC tune that would be a fantastic acoustic number. The last song and definitely my favourite of the night – more of a SOP/BE feel.
Exquisite Stereo started with DC vocals being distorted thru microphone (bit like Neil Finn on TWT – Twisty Bass?) and was very catchy.
Most of the new songs have more of an Ultrasound/M3H feel, with samples leading into a couple of songs and sampling backing tracks used throughout. I cannot wait for the new album.
I wasn’t going to, but I’ll be off to the Dan tonight to have another dose and hopefully hear some other newies…
Julie Anderson

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