The Dan, 11 Feb 1999

Started off with about 30 people in the audience… Deb praised us all for coming out to listen to “good original music”.
Standard run of songs with the standard few mistakes/mix ups (though maybe more of the ballady songs than other gigs)… gee those songs are good… the more I listen to them the better they get (either that or the band are getting better and the songs really are getting better) – even the one with the distorted vocals… I think Deb loves that one… she really gets into it – slinking and grooving along (no guitar helps as well). I think maybe D and W were having fun too… lots of wry smiles.
Crowd were a little quiet to begin with, but as they got into it and more people arrived (ended up with maybe 50-60 people), they began to liven up. At one point Deb said “…that’s more like it…” at the end of a song and much applause (from me anyway… I always seemed to be the last one clapping). The crowd was funny actually… waiting until the last sound of any sample had completely finished until the applause started. The gig finished with radio loves this… bugger radio loving it – I love it!
FASHION REPORT: Deb was wearing dress as usual (approx 15 cm alternating bands of blue, yellow and red. Dusty colours, a knit of some type… I don’t think it’s cut on the bias, but the stripes are at approx 45 degrees) NOTE: this is all from a male perspective… Willy wore blue jeans and a pull over collared shirt with alternating black and white vertical stripes (approx. 5 mm) with maybe 3 buttons. The rest of the band wore… stuff.
Gigs just keep getting better and better…
Cameron Grant

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