The Dan O’Connell, 18 Feb 1999

Quick review of the Dan
To those from interstate… I’m sorry… I’d hate us too if all these gigs were not somewhere I could get to! To those who were at the commercial Wednesday night … we had sound!
Willie’s hair is a number three? Yeah right… try a number one!! (Mark says that he re-cut it after last night).
Just a note for those who play guitar and may be going to work out the chords for the new songs … (those who don’t just ignore this paragraph). ‘So sweet’ has a capo on 2, and ‘She’s coming for it’ has a capo on 3. Nothing worse than getting the chords to a song and finding out that they’re wrong!
Deb wore the standard dress, Willie wore standard garb. (Deb hasn’t shaved her head… Willie almost has) Deb wore boots with the dress, Willie wore Docs (no dress) (sounding a little like ‘Evil Homer’)
Deb played 2 guitars, the standard DC1 Maton (have you seen the road case for that thing??? Bomb proof!!), and a semi-acoustic reminiscent of the blue beast, but with a burnt wood finish. (Also changing guitars meant that at times Deb had more plectrums than she new what to do with)
We got a NEW new song!! (well after a false start we got a new song anyway) We have dubbed it ‘FREEWAY’ for want of a better title (although I’m sure it must have one!). I’m not sure how to explain it… It has some weird guitar (from Willie of course)… sort of distorted clipped sounds that echo…. a pregnant pause in the middle… you’ll have to hear it! I think that after a few listens it’ll be really cool, but at the moment, it’s just another new song (It’s the sort of thing I’ll end up loving I just know it!). I hope they play it again! Crowd applause was restrained… I wanted to jump up and down and cheer, but I controlled myself and just clapped vigorously.
Willie ‘Let fly’ on a few of songs. If that’s what happens when he cuts his hair, I want to see him shave it all off!! – only I don’t want to be in the front row when he does, I just might get hurt! Deb wasn’t overly restrained herself, and both certainly *seemed* to have a good time!
As Mark, Nicky and Julie walked into the distance, Mark was yelling “Write a review…” so Mark… here it is (for better or worse) and yes… I am jealous of your Maton.
I really enjoyed the show… one of the best yet! (Can there seriously be only 3 shows left? I’m suffering withdrawals already!!!)

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