The Empress of India, 16 Feb 1999

Well, wasn’t last night a gorgeous night.
There were quite a few of us at the Empress – Mark, Nicky, Kristen, Kate & Amanda, Kate, Meeks, Cameron… oh, and me. We were nicely spaced around the room. I was comfortably sprawled on the arm of an armchair… love the atmosphere of the place.
The playlist was –
* Interzone
* So Sweet
* She’s Coming for It
* You Come to Earth
* Exquisite Stereo
* I Lay my Head Down on my Pillow and I Cry all Night
* Novocaine
* Radio Loves This
* Glory Ordinary Day
Those who heard “She’s coming for it” in Canberra or Milton… the words have changed a bit (no more comment about ‘everywhere you look it spells her name’) but it’s still fabulous!!!
“Everybody knows some one like her
It spins you out
She’s coming for it”
Now, in Radio Loves This, as I was watching Deborah’s hands intently to work out exactly what she was playing (I think I worked it out, but wouldn’t want to be quoted on it, ‘cos I’m normally wrong)… anyway, as I was watching intently, I suddenly thought… jewellery… ring… which finger… does that mean?
Yep, there was a flash of gold on Deborah’s left hand ring finger… closer discrete staring revealed that the ring looked vaguely rockish (as much as I could tell from several metres away, on a moving hand, in funny light.)
I checked with Meeks to see if I was imagining things, and was assured that no I wasn’t…
I dashed over to check with Nicky, who had just noticed it, hadn’t noticed it any other show… were we on to the trail of a big secret? Had Valentines day been a big day for our stars?
Okay, it’s possible that, knowing at least two couples who got engaged over the weekend, I was reading more into this than is strictly necessary but…???
Well, afterwards we were debating whether we’d ever find out what the ring meant… no-one was game to ask (you can tell I was on lemonade, otherwise I would have asked straight after the show.) Nicky thought Mark might be able to pry it out of Willy, but he’d probably be sworn to secrecy, so what use was that? Cameron said he’s sure the ring has actually been there for a few weeks…
Well, after all this torturous discussion I decided “what the hell… they probably already think I’m nuts, so no harm in asking.”
Yep, I bit the bullet… walked up to Deborah and, somewhat sheepishly asked about the ring. Something along the lines of “Um, Deborah, I just wanted to ask… um, I couldn’t help but notice the ring, and, um, which finger it was on… and, um, well… I was wondering… um… does it mean?”
You’ve probably noticed that there were a lot of ‘um’s in that sentance… tell you something?
Well, I’ve dragged it out long enough I think… Deborah looked down at her hand, as if not sure what she was wearing… and said “Oh, no… no (laughing) it’s a ring Willy gave me ages ago… I don’t normally wear rings, but a few weeks ago Syd saw the ring and said ‘That’s pretty mummy, put it on’… so…”
So, there’s me sheepishly grinning. “Well, that kind of spoils our speculation… d’oh”
Deborah said something like “You guys don’t miss much, do you?” At which, yes, I grinned sheepishly again.
The ring is gorgeous, even if it’s not the engagement ring we’d been specualting it could be… a ruby, surrounded by about 5 or six pearls in a circular setting on an engraved gold band (I only got a quick look.)
The other notable point in the conversation was Deborah saying that they’d get married when the kids asked them too… but since Syd is obsessed with being a bride at the moment it would be a few years away… at the moment Syd wants to marry Willy! (I replied “Can you blame her?” which earnt me a funny look.)
So, there’s our entertainment from last night… other than the fabulous music (which is, indeed getting better every week.)

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