The Iron Man by Pete Townsend

Virgin CDV 2592 (1989)

The Musical by Pete Townshend

  1. I Won’t Run Any More
  2. Over the Top
  3. Man Machines
  4. Dig
  5. A Friend is a Friend
  6. I Eat Heavy Metal
  7. All Shall be Well
  8. Was There Life
  9. Fast Food
  10. A Fool Says…
  11. Fire
  12. New Life / Reprise

All tracks written and produced by Pete Townshend, except Fire produced by Peter Wolf.

Notes: from the cover notes:

  • Hogarth (played here by Pete Townshend) is a ten year old boy; the story is told from his point of view.
  • The Vixen (played here by Deborah Conway) is his conscience, always urging him to be brave, upright and quick thinking.
  • Deborah sings on two tracks.

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