The Songs Of Patsy Cline (2001)

The Songs of Patsy Cline

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  1. I Fall to Pieces
  2. Back in Baby’s Arms
  3. Crazy
  4. Sweet Dreams (of You)
  5. Lovesick Blues
  6. Eyes of a Child
  7. So Wrong
  8. Your Cheating Heart
  9. Walking After Midnight
  10. She’s Got You

This album was made while Deborah was in the stage show of Always…Patsy Cline. It is not the recording from the show itself but rather some traditional and some new takes on Patsy Cline songs.

The album was sold at the shows of Always…Patsy Cline and is available in the Deborah Conway Shop

3 thoughts on “The Songs Of Patsy Cline (2001)

  1. Fatjonnymac

    The Patsy Cline shiow was the only live show my wife has been able to get me to, in 40 years.

    DC is the best artist Australia has produced. Adultery must be one of the best songs in Australian music history.

    Come down and sing for me before I die!!

  2. kevin moor

    I first saw and heard Deborah Conway at the three weeds in sydney about 1992.
    I was stunned. Deborah was so good. Maybe there is an old Leggionare who stumbled into a a bar in Paris and heard La Piaf sing who can understand.
    Deborah’s voice was staggering, as was her looks.
    but no way am i going to spend sixty bucks on a cd.

  3. Kay riordan

    I have been trying for years to obtain a copy of your Patsy Cline album, just love it and love your voice and music. Regards Kay

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