The Waiting Room EP (1982)

12″ EP, Larrikan Records, 1982

  1. Disneyland
  2. Creatures of Habit
  3. Wreaths and Bouquets
  4. (Just Like) Hercules
  5. Man Overboard
  6. The Waiting Room

Guest musicians were Paul Hester, timbales on 4; Louise Elliot (tenor sax) and Peter Doyle (trumpets) on several tracks. (Louise Elliot and Peter Doyle were in the legendary Laughing Clowns at the time.)

One thought on “The Waiting Room EP (1982)

  1. Matthew Thomason

    Huge fan of Do-Re-Mi, one of the most under-rated Australian bands. I would love to get hold of The Waiting Room. Any ideas on where I could find a copy?

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