The Women At The Well (2002)

  1. Bic Runga – The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  2. Renee Geyer – You Broke A Beautiful Thing
  3. Deborah Conway – Everybody Wants To Touch Me
  4. Chrissy Amphlett – Before Too Long
  5. Lash – Dumb Things
  6. Vika & Linda – Be Careful What You Pray For
  7. Christine Anu – Beat Of Your Heart
  8. Kate Ceberano – There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Wrong Sometimes
  9. Rebecca Barnard – She’s Rare
  10. Angie Hart – Careless
  11. Renee Geyer – Killer Lover
  12. Magic Dirt – Darling It Hurts
  13. Vika & Linda – 99 Years
  14. Jenny Morris – Beggar On The Street Of Love
  15. Anne Kirkpatrick – Cradle Of Love
  16. Kasey Chambers – Everything’s Turning To White

Press Release

On May 13th, a new collection of Paul Kelly songs will be released.

This is not a new Paul Kelly album. Nor is it simply a compilation of previously existing tracks.

The Women At The Well features 16 tracks and 14 brilliant female vocalists, performing songs written by Paul Kelly, our finest songwriter.

Some of the songs come from existing recordings, but the majority of the tracks on the album are brand new recordings, with most specifically recorded for this project.

The songs range from treasured classics (Careless, Everything’s Turning To White) through to brand new songs, so recently penned they are practically still glistening (The Gift That Keeps On Giving). Some songs have appeared Paul Kelly albums. Many of them have never been recorded by Paul. Some were written for specific women, while others were just songs which blossomed under a female interpretation.

The Women At The Well. On sale May 13th.

“Late last year tapes started arriving sporadically in my letterbox. They all contained one song and each one was sung by a woman. Every song was familiar but also strangely not. Some were gentle, some were harsh, some were country, some funky. Some were surprising while others were what I always imagined they should be. They give me a thrill in a way none of my recordings do. And they make me proud to be associated with such wonderful, expressive singers. I write songs for women because they ask me to and because it’s fun. I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman but I know some of the things they say.” pk

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